How can an Image Consultant help you?

One of my clients told me I “changed her life” – here are her reasons…


Saved her time every day, she only has colours and styles in her wardrobe that suited her and flattered her.  She no longer put on 20 things before she left the house. Her husband was happy because they were never late. She was more confident and happy with her style and how she presented herself to her clients and the world.

How does the image Consultant do this?

There are 5 easy steps:

1. Together we find the most alluring colours for you, enhancing your natural beauty and colouring

2. Discover your own unquie style personality with an quiz, there are 7 personailties  for both men and women

3. Learn the rules of dressing for your personal proportions and shape, we all have individual proportions and face shapes.  There are 3 shapes for men and 7 for women

4. Edit the wardrobe you already have

5. Shop if there are gaps in your current wardrobe

You might only need one of these steps or all 5, there are packages to give you different options


8 Ways an Image Consultant can improve your quality of life

Confidence – is the end result of looking and feeling great

Competitive – let’s face it everyone is out in the world competing for a deal, a date, a promotion or even a parking space.  Research shows that humans have preference for others humans that are perceived as the most attractive. The benefits of looking your best are endless.

Charisma – we enjoy life more at work and socially when we look and feel our best. Stand out make an impact, be admired. It that “it” quality

Co-ordination – have wardrobe that is colour coordinated, catalogued and organised so you don’t have to think about what to wear each day

Cost – You only have items in your wardrobe that flatter you, you will save money not buying the wrong things. No waste.

Current – you will look fashionable, modern and up today. I this techo savy age it easy to get lost in the crowd or worse appear obsolete

Climate – have a wardrobe that’s suitable for each season, or have a travel wardrobe that you can pack and intergrate to new climates for work or leisure

Celebrity – be your own celebrity follow yourself. Take an active interest in your own style, have others interest in you, not the other way around

Change – if you know its time for a change, or you have found in a change cycle it might be weight, relationships, health or career and you need a look to reflect the new you. If you are embracing or requiring change its time to dress the part