VIP Care Detail Owner
Package: Colour, Style, Edit

Going into my colour consultation style session I was nervous & didn’t know what to expect.. but I was very quickly made very comfortable with Deanne’s knowledge of style.

I soon discovered I had no idea of what my style was or how too match my style with my personality.. It wasn’t long before Deanne was able to show me just what mistakes I had been making and how certain colours could make me stand out from the crowd or blend in. I’ve now got a much clearer idea of my style & dressing to impress has never been easier. Since completing my session with Deanne I’m able to go clothes shopping and get that item that inhances my style & not waste money on clothes that will go unworn in my cupboard for years. Having the swatch to take shopping with me is a major help.

I would highly recommend booking a styling session with Deanne and finding out your true colours!

Rick’s colours are cool, and he has a square body shape

Dramatic is his style which means he has a flair for bold colours and cuts. He likes to dress in fashionable styles, and is happy to be noticed.

He also has a romantic side, which means he is happy to wear floral prints.

Our style challenge was edit Rick’s wardrobe taking out the colours that were not more flattering for Rick.